Saving An Angel (From God)

from by Muldjord



Walking on the highway, trying to hitch a ride.
A storm is approaching, no cars in sight.
A light appears in the dark,
a beacon bright as the sun.
I cover my eyes as it closes,
Its an angel what have I done?

The angel was just passing by,
looking for people to convert.
I spot my chance and ask,
a ride on its back would it hurt?

We take off heading for the sky,
as he gladly accepts my request.
But he is going the other way,
nowhere near my address.

The angel wont put me down,
he plans to preach for an hour.
But I have other plans for the night,
so I decide to overpower.

I tear off both of his wings,
I once did this to a fly.
He should have put me down when I asked,
but he chose not to comply.

We fall and smash to the ground,
by pure luck we both survive.
To this day I still dont understand,
as it was quite a dive.

With no wings on his back,
the angel is now reborn!
His godgiven powers have faded,
as a human - he is sworn.

Now he is free to do as he please,
his will and mind is clear.
God has left him to his own free will,
so we decide to go grab a beer!


Lyrics Copyright 2011 by Muldjord


from The Ignorant Crown, released November 1, 2011




Muldjord Aarhus, Denmark

The Danish death/thrash/black metal band Muldjord was born back in 2003. It is basically a one-man project, and the band was formed with the purpose of enabling the creator to unleash home-produced material to the outside world, thus creating some kind of distribution channel unlinked to any specific record label.

All instruments are performed by Lars Muldjord.
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