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I am the mentor of souls.
I am your future foretold.

Bow your head, drink the horror,
Feel my wrath, whip you to your knee,
Refuse, resist, feel the torture,
Crawl in the mud like pigs and swine.

There’s only one way, and that is mine.
I am the master of your soul.
Resist my orders, I’ll snap your spine.
I am your nightmare infinity.

Drugged and betrayed, in my control.
I do this for you, can’t you see?
Raised in my hell, I am all you’ve ever known.
So shut up, go back to your cell.

Time is nigh,
Take place in line, get ready to die.
Left, right, left, right, marching to war.
I am you.

A glimpse of a thought,
A piece of your mind.
A flicker of justice in time.

The piece of your soul,
that houses your hope,
Is fleeting but it’s still alive.

As one in between,
Just one of the crowd,
Take courage to step out of line.

The chances are slim,
We chose to go forth,
Freedom will come at a price.

One and for all.
Making him pay for his crimes.
Shackles will fall.
Treat him like you would a mime.
Trial by fire,
Burning his flesh to a crisp.
Pungent desire,
Feeding his limbs to the pigs.

The time is nigh,
Step out of line, get ready to die.
Left, right, left, right, anger release.
Enslaving your master, we are free.


from The Reissue of My Soul, released April 16, 2015




Muldjord Aarhus, Denmark

The Danish death/thrash/black metal band Muldjord was born back in 2003. It is basically a one-man project, and the band was formed with the purpose of enabling the creator to unleash home-produced material to the outside world, thus creating some kind of distribution channel unlinked to any specific record label.

All instruments are performed by Lars Muldjord.
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