All Hail Metal

from by Muldjord



All hail metal!

Tall, we stand,
we fear not the dark,
embrace it and see,
with it comes the spark.

Rejected by society,
our ways are unaccepted,
but together we stand,
united in - heavy metal!

When they say jump we stall,
when they say run we crawl.
cause we will not obey,
what Simon - did not say!

My soul is bound.
Satans vessel, all hail metal!
Marked by steel.
Sword and flame, bears my name.

Time has come, for you to give in,
follow your desire, embrace the sin.

My soul is bound.
Satans vessel, all hail metal!
Marked by steel,
Sword and flame, bears my name.

Bears my name...

Take a deep breath, and scream with me.
Mark your territory.

All hail metal!
All hail metal.

Third degree killing spree.

Stand your ground, your opponent is weak,
let loose your opinions, through metal - we speak!


Lyrics Copyright 2011 by Muldjord


from The Ignorant Crown, released November 1, 2011




Muldjord Aarhus, Denmark

The Danish death/thrash/black metal band Muldjord was born back in 2003. It is basically a one-man project, and the band was formed with the purpose of enabling the creator to unleash home-produced material to the outside world, thus creating some kind of distribution channel unlinked to any specific record label.

All instruments are performed by Lars Muldjord.
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