A Sweaty Nightmare

from by Muldjord



Heading home been rehearsing drums,
I smell like a pig in a sty.
After blasting at 220 bpm,
my sweat reaches people nearby.

I get on the bus, it is filled to the brim,
I fight my way to the front.
But something is wrong, as I make my way through,
the people all start to rot!

As it seems, the stench that I reek,
Is spreading, and causing a riot.
Infesting their bodies, eating them whole,
perhaps I should have showered.

So here we are, riding a bus,
while people are rotting away.
They seem to have perished, all dropped to the ground,
like a morbid broadway ballet.

But after a while, they start to move,
legs and arms start to twitch.
Reanimated bodies, get in the groove,
The bus turns and hits a ditch.

Now the ride has come to a halt.
The undead passengers, are going astray.

Infectious, contagious, explorer!
Real-life, survival, horror!

So is there a morale to tell?
Not really, so go fuck yourselves!

Infectious, contagious, explorer!
Real-life, survival, horror.


Lyrics Copyright 2011 by Muldjord


from The Ignorant Crown, released November 1, 2011




Muldjord Aarhus, Denmark

The Danish death/thrash/black metal band Muldjord was born back in 2003. It is basically a one-man project, and the band was formed with the purpose of enabling the creator to unleash home-produced material to the outside world, thus creating some kind of distribution channel unlinked to any specific record label.

All instruments are performed by Lars Muldjord.
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